Queens Writes Weekend 2016—Site Captain Information

Planning for Queens Writes Weekend 2016 is upon us! We are looking for volunteers to serve as site captains.

Site Captains will be responsible for:

Before the weekend
* Arrange the location and time for your site.  The location can be a park, a bar, a cafe, or other space where a small group could gather.  The time could be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, or even longer if you wish and if the location is available.  (It is also possible to set up a private location in your home.  This location will not be advertised to the public and would be attended only by those you invite.)
* Recruit friends and family to join your site and commit to participating.
* Let Newtown Literary Alliance know how setup is going and if you need any help.

Before and during the weekend
* Arrive early and set up the space.
* Print out writing prompts (we will provide some, or you can provide your own) for those who might need them.  Label them clearly.
* Bring a bowl for the donations.  Make a sign stating that there is a suggested donation of $5.  Collect donations.  (You don’t have to do a hard sell, just mention the suggested donation and pass the bowl around or leave it in an easily accessible location.)  If there is WiFi, participants can access our website and donate with their credit card through a link on the page.
* Give raffle tickets to each person who makes the suggested donation and sell additional raffle tickets for $5.
* Pass around a “For more info …” sheet to collect contact information. (Participants do not have to give information.)
* Introduce yourself and Newtown Literary. (Information will be provided.)
* Set easy ground rules for the writing time and remind participants to follow them (e.g., turn off cell phones, feel free to take a break, etc).
* Take pictures of the event and send them to Newtown Literary Alliance. (Contact information will be provided.)

After the your site
* Hand the donations, raffle tickets, and contact sheet to Newtown Literary Alliance. (We try to send a Newtown representative to each site during the weekend to facilitate the easy transfer of materials and donations.)
* Send a thank-you note to participants giving them information about how many people participated and how much money was raised. (We will provide you with a template that you can use).
* Write a blog post about the experience at your site (optional).

All donations go directly to programs that support Queens writers. We can’t do this event without volunteers like you, so sign up as a Site Captain today!

Ready to sign up? Fill out our information form.

Have questions? Email events@newtownliterary.org.