Newtown Literary Contributor: Stephanie Laterza

Writer Stephanie Laterza’s poems “The DNR Order” and “Morning” were featured in Issue #7 of Newtown Literary. We asked her about her work, and her answer is below. Check out her Facebook Author page and follow her on Twitter @Stefani1218 .

I’m an Astoria native and lifelong poet who balances work life with writing and parenting.  I’ve moved into fiction in more recent years and published my first novel, The Boulevard Trial, this past March.  Shortly thereafter, I returned to contract attorney work, which, in some ways, is similar to freelancing.  It pays the bills and has a flexible schedule which is helpful. I type notes on my phone during the morning commute to work on the N train as it pulls into Queensboro Plaza. Getting in even a few lines for a new novel or poem makes a difference. In fact, the elevated view of Queens Boulevard Stephanie Laterzafrom the N train as it approaches the Manhattan skyline inspired the book cover for The Boulevard Trial. My writer’s blog also embraces that view and has become a place to highlight not only my own work but that of local authors; for example, through my End of Summer Reading List. I’m proud to know that our borough holds such a great place in the New York City literary community. Writing brings the boroughs together.

It was my writing that helped to pull me out of the deluge of despair I experienced after the death of my Uncle Michael Laterza, as depicted in my poem, The DNR Order, which I am honored to see featured in Issue #7 of Newtown Literary. My family tells me that Uncle Mike used to write poetry on his old typewriter in his apartment in Long Island City. I believe he would have been proud to know that The DNR Order is being published through Newtown Literary right here in Queens, which is where he spent most of his life after migrating from Italy as a child. His unconditional love remains with and empowers me every day of my life. So does my writing. My other poem, Morning, is an old love poem which I hope others will enjoy.

A photo of me in front of the Adirondack Building, which is where my parents met years ago and which has now become a residential building

My short fiction has appeared in Literary Mama, Writing Raw, and Akashic Books’ Terrible Tuesdays series. My poetry has been featured in Literary Mama, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and Meniscus Magazine.

Thanks, Stephanie!

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