Announcing the Queens Young Authors and Poets 2016 Contest


Newtown Literary is pleased to announce the second biennial writing contest for kids in Queens. We are open for entries until December 23, 2015. To find out more about the contest, including guidelines, prizes, and instructions for entering, visit the official web page for the contest.

We are grateful to the following members of the Queens community for donating books, gift cards, and other goodies for our crowdfunding campaign. We raised over $1000 to get the word out about the contest, accept submissions, and have a great awards ceremony in June.

We’d also like to thank all those who contributed!
Tam K. Tran, Karyn Slutsky, Edward J Quigley, Joan Willette, Steve Spanolios, Candice E. Mays, Shaun Randol, Jeffrey T. Brandt, Eric Berger, Jeff Duarte, Norman Stock, Laurilyn D Jones, Amy Goldman, Alexander Radison, Jennifer Ray Morell, John R. Currie, Bernard C Bosio, Simon Cousins and Catherine Davis, Lisa T. Hahn, Valerie G. Keane, Eryn Hatzithomas, Jacqueline P. Sherbow, Lindsay M. Goyette, Tim Fredrick, Justin Muschong, Max Eddy, William Shunn, Alan L. Walowitz . . . and more!


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