Newtown Literary Contributor: Nick Kolakowski

Writer Nick Kolakowski’s poem “Kingpins” was featured in Issue #6 of Newtown Literary. For more of Nick’s writing, check out his website.  We interviewed him about his writing, and his answers are below. 

What is your relationship to Queens?
I‘ve lived in Long Island City for two years—not long at all, by neighborhood standards, but long enough to see the enormous changes taking place along the river. We’re in an era of nervous transformation.

 How would you describe the writing you do?
I try to dig into the things that make me uncomfortable. It’s therapy, in a weird way.

 How did you come to writing?
It’s something I’ve always done, but I’m relatively new to poetry.

 What inspires you?
Random fragments—a bit of graffiti, or an odd phrasing on a bit of spam that slips past my email filter, or when someone mangles a phrase. Those are good kernels for a poem, if I can link them to a larger idea or theme that I’m playing with.

 What does it mean to be a writer in Queens?
Writers are pretty solitary creatures. I’m always amazed at how many movies feature writers as the main characters, because so much of the profession is sitting in a room by one’s self, staring at a notebook or a laptop screen—not exactly dynamic. But Queens itself provides so much texture and material; it’s wonderful to step out your front door and be able to soak it all up, and perhaps use some of it later.

What writing project(s) are you currently working on?
A couple of poems, and a long noir novella partially set in Queens.

And what should I be asking you that I didn’t?
Cats or dogs? Cats.

Thanks, Nick!

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