Newtown Literary Contributor: Janet Garber

Writer Janet Garber’s story “Shishkosh” was featured in Issue #4 of Newtown Literary. Below, she talks about her writing process. You can follow Janet on Twitter @melie5.

I saw a prompt online and the word “shishkosh” popped into my head.  It sounded funny and edible and something you could maybe order in a Queens deli. Since I never know exactly where I’m going in a story, I just started to write. The story took shape. I was laughing so I hoped others would too.

Mostly, I rely on dream prompts: the words I hear in my head in the morning as I cross the threshold from sleep to wakefulness.

Some time soon I am going to try to do an outline, start writing and actually know where I’m going, and see how that works out.

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Thanks, Janet!

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