QWW: A Word from Site Captain Crystal Rivera

Crystal is Site Captain for the Poetry Prompts event at Q.E.D. A Place to Show and Tell taking place on Sunday, April 26 at 11:00 a.m.
It’s April, and now really feels like the time to just join in on the spring buzz and write on your nerve. Go for it. Give yourself permission to write strangely, differently, loudly, quietly, and — dare I say it? — “badly”. Just write without all the added pressures of perfecting/editing during these two hours. If there’s time, those who’d like to share what they’ve written can do so. 
Come a few minutes early to grab some coffee and snacks! We will begin at exactly 11:00 a.m
No worries if you’ve been experiencing a writer’s block of sorts, or if you’ve never written a poem. I’ll be providing poetry prompts that’ll hopefully loosen you up, write freely, get you to celebrate your wild (your voice, too.) We are also in celebration of Queens and community and the collaborative experience! So prompts will have a bit to do with this as well. Here’s one:
Found Poem Prompt: Please bring any Queens textual sources you can get your hands on! Your local newspaper, funky menus from local restaurants/cafes, a book of poetry/fiction from a Queens writer (Newtown Literary among others will be sold at this site [wink wink]). Just make sure it’s something you’d want to use to compose your own poem. Try to keep your text simple! We won’t be spending too much time on this, as it is only one prompt out of a few others.
Thank you and see you soon.

Thanks, Crystal.  Readers, we hope to see you there!

 For more information about Crystal, check out her website!


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