QWW: A Word from Site Captain Anne Born

Anne is Site Captain for the Family History Writing Workshop at Q.E.D. A Place to Show and Tell taking place on Saturday, April 25 at 11:00 a.m.

Hi! My event is the Family History Writing workshop at QED.

The format is simple – a handful of prompts, a few story ideas, some Ancestry 101 at the beginning – and then writing. During the hour, we will discuss, write, and then share our stories.

Lots of people stop themselves from writing their own story. Memoir is too grand, books are too long, collecting all the bits and pieces of life is too daunting, or just too much. I like to start small. Write about the boy in Grade 5 you fell in love with, the day you got your first car, your first apartment. These are small stories that are evidence of universal experiences – school, holidays, vacations, family.

I spoke with a woman last week who is a professional genealogist. She told me it never occurred to her to write her own story, she was so busy writing everyone else’s.

Come get a cup of coffee and a goodie and we’ll sit down and write!

Thanks, Anne.  Readers, we hope to see you there!

 For more information about Anne, check out her website!


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