Newtown Literary Contributor, Susana H. Case

Poet Susana H. Case has two poems in the second issue of Newtown Literary.

Image 2Name: Susana H. Case

Relationship to Queens: Grew up in Queens.

Where in Queens you live/lived: Grew up in Forest Hills and lived there until I was 18. Graduated from Forest Hills High School.

How would you describe the writing you do? Poetry and the occasional short story

How did you come to writing? I always wrote, even as a teenager. My father was an English teacher and wrote radio plays so writing was a part of my early environment. Originally though, I thought I’d be a journalist, not a poet.

What inspires you? My life, other people’s lives. I’m trained as a researcher, so sometimes something historical inspires me. Sometimes it’s my own history. “We Never Told Anyone Who Wasn’t Also a Kid” is loosely based upon several memories of mine from grade school and private music lessons. Though we were children, we were very aware of predatory adults and also very aware of sex, mostly from movies. “Omega” was generated from an incident in which I took a dead horseshoe crab from Rockaway Beach, my favorite beach growing up, and stored it in my parents’ house in Forest Hills and then forgot about leaving it there. It turned out to be less disgusting than it sounds.


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