From the Journal Editor: Reflections on Issue #2

We are pleased to announce that Issue #2 of Newtown Literary is available for purchase.  The journal contains work from more than 25 poets and writers, the large majority of whom are from Queens (either living here now or born-and-raised).

Interest in the journal remains high—we had so many high-quality submissions that, like Issue #1, we had to hold over many pieces for the next issue.  That means we are well on our way to another successful issue: Number 3!  We really feel like the little literary journal that could. Our circulation isn’t large, nor does it reach far geographically, but the love we feel from writers and readers in Queens is great.

The non-profit publisher of the journal, Newtown Literary Alliance Inc., whose mission is to support the work of writers and poets from Queens, held a successful springtime fundraiser in April, called the Queens Writes! Weekend, raising over $500.  This money, along with the sales of Issue #1, helped us to print this current issue as well as begin work on holding a kids’ writing contest for students in Queens schools.  (More information on this will be coming soon.)  The money will also help us pay the $400 fee required by the U.S. government to become an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which will allow us to apply for grants and expand our mission.  As you can imagine, $400 is a large fee for such a small, nascent nonprofit.

So, while interest in the journal and our work remains high, if that interest does not turn into sales, we will be unable to continue publishing the journal and begin other work to promote the literary arts in Queens.  We need all of our fans—those who like us on Facebook, those who share our links on their timelines, those who retweet our tweets, those who express support in person and through email—to purchase a copy of the journal.  We still have copies of Issue #1, and Issue #2 is fresh outta the box!  Buy one today!  (Ebook versions of Issue #1 are available on Amazon and B&; Issue #2 ebook versions will be available shortly).

We are opening for submissions for Issue #3 and beyond on June 15th.  We are especially interested in:

  • Poetry from women poets.
  • Poetry and prose that represents the linguistic diversity of Queens.

Watch this space for submissions guidelines when the submissions window opens.


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