Queens Writes! Best Sentences

We asked for your best sentences from the Queens Writes! weekend, and here are a few that caught our eye. We look forward to seeing what grows from them.

Tyler Rivenbark, Cafe Marlene, Sunnyside:

 All will go the way of courage – the way of love – and the Hand will never speak, because the Hand cannot; it is merely a hand.

Karyn Slutsky, Caffe Biu Bella, Forest Hills:

God damn it! He’s wearing his shoes in the living room. Rug’s gonna look like crap in no time, she thought as she stood in the kitchen stirring soup on medium flame.

Malini Singh McDonald, Unisphere, Flushing Meadow:

“Creeped out by the specter of what was,
a graveyard of hopeful future.”


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