Queens Literary Heroes: Oh, Bernice!

Tyler Rivenbark gives us the insider’s view of a long-running live literary event, the Oh, Bernice! reading series. Attend their next reading this Saturday at Café Marlene in Sunnyside.

As a playwright and musician I am drawn to the live, performative experience. There are few things greater than actively engaging with others through art in the moment. That raw, visceral feeling that anything could happened at any moment – that in many ways there is no control – is exhilarating.

The Oh, Bernice! reading series started from that same place: a desire to take the work beyond the workshop and into the world. Art transforms when it’s read or performed aloud in front of an audience, when it’s handed over to someone else and that’s at the core of what the Oh, Bernice! reading series seeks to do.

Bernice crowd

A cross-disciplinary experiment, exploring what’s possible in a reading series, a different Bernician hosts every month, transforming the aesthetic of that month’s reading. With a variety of great writers from across Queens and the tri-state area, there is most often at least one Bernician featured as well.

The reading takes place every third Saturday, September-June at Café Marléne (41-11 49th Street) in Sunnyside at 7:30pm.

For more information on how to submit email us at bernicians@gmail.com – or better yet, come out to the next reading and say hello.  The Bernice! format offers a unique experience and an intimate community of artists. It’s a place to collaborate, to participate, to be part of the growing Queens literary and arts scene.

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