Queens Literary Heroes: Boundless Tales

Audrey Dimola reading at Boundless Tales at Waltz-Astoria. Photo by Mickey Z

By Aida Zilelian.

I first thought of starting a reading series in Queens because I felt that the borough really needed a literary community. Manhattan caters to very established writers, and reading series in Brooklyn seem unnecessarily exclusive, at least the ones I’ve experienced. I have lived in Queens my entire life: we as a borough are not pretentious, or at least I’d like to think so. I hoped that Boundless Tales would reflect that down-to-earth quality.

The first Boundless Tales reading was in September 2011. I remember checking my email inbox more times than I care to admit, in hopes that the word was spreading and that I had received some submissions. By the time the first reading was scheduled, I had confirmed six talented writers. Although there were certainly some quick lessons I learned that evening, the reading was a success. There are so many people who helped me along the way, and I am fortunate to know them. I am so happy that Boundless Tales is now one among several reading series in Queens.

We are always looking for quality work to read! Send us your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, monologues. I have two new hosts and submission readers for Boundless Tales – Audrey Dimola and Devin Doyle, who are writers and have read for the series several times. They will also be representing Boundless Tales by reading at the NYC Poetry Festival this year, along with Lisa Badner. For full details, please visit our blog: Boundlesstales.blogspot.com



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